Why Victory Spa?

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1.  Hydromassage from the basic – own production facilities

Either the concept, design, full engineering, moulding, manufacture of whirlpool components and electronics or whirlpools production are all located within one innovative plant. This is unique on a European scale. eris

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2. The most effective hydromassage on the market

             50 mm piping system

                 Strategic placement
                        of the jets
     Rotating jets            Water massage turbo
                 loading system

The most effective hydromassage secret is free water flow. The correct intensity of water pump combined with the accurate design of the non-industry standard 50 mm pipework and proper number of jets adequate to the whirlpool size assures exceptional hydromassage effectiveness. The unique rotational jets for back and feet ensure that a greater area of the body is massaged in accordance with the reflexology technique. 60% intensity increase is quarantee by water massage turbo loading system, which provides the ultimate massage experience.

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3. Health benefits

health benefits

Regular use of the hydrotherapy in the comfort of home spa, brings an immeasurable health benefits. Water therapy has relaxing, calming and regenerating features. It also strengthens the body, increases immunity, helps to shape the body and say goodbye to cellulite.

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4. Better comfort for better relax

Victory Spa whirlpools features:

- Proper depth – only total body immerse in the
water guarantees an effective hydromassage
- Ergonomic design
- Comfy pillows
- Easy access to display
- User friendly, intuitive operational system
- Remote controller as an option to system 1, 2 and 3

better comfort

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5. Complete relax





       Music feast

music feast

Aromatherapy – the fragrance content in air above the water during air massage is thirty times higher than in case of traditional baths. In the Victory Spa offer the aromatherapy is available as an option to system 1,3 and 4. The following replicable pouch may be found in our offer as well: Flower Garden, Juicy Apple, Green Kiwi, Sea Breeze.
Chromotherapy – affects the acceleration of the relaxation process, positively influences the emotions and creates the atmosphere. Chromotherapy Victory Spa is based on 7 primary colors, while 19 different programs allows matching the tone precisely to satisfy the requirements. Chomotherapy is available for bathtubs only and for hydromassage system 1, 2 and 3 as an option.
Music feast – listen your favorite rhythms, while bathing. Radio with USB/MP3 is available as an option to system 1, 2 and 3.

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6. Hygiene.

       Gravitational water flow from the piping

gravitational water flow

The water pipe system is designed and installed in such way that no water remains in the system.

           Water and air system drainage

system drainage

The entire system is drained after the bath (water pump, air channels, water piping).


The air channels total drying -  In whirlpool baths, equipped with systems 1, 3 and  4 after 20 min, from the start of release of the water, the air blower is automatically activated to dry the air channels and entire water system, with warm air.

Automatic water disinfection system - there are two types of disinfection available: before and after bathing. If the program is activated, the disinfection before the bath is done automatically after filling the whirlpool with water. Chemical pump dosage accurate liquid dose into the water. Disinfection of water after the bath taken should be started manually. The need to carry out disinfection and system cleaning is being reminded by the display. Liquid Water Safe is suitable for disinfection, while Pipe Cleaner helps to keep the whole piping system clean. disinfection

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7. Safety bathing

electric equipment

Equipotential and earthling clamp against electric shocks.

water level sensor

Protection against dry running of the pump monitored by the water level sensor.

water pump

Water pump has certified motor approval to safety standard – IP 55

structure safety

Precise distance between suction valve and the pump motor head. For extra safety reasons in the bigger size models two suction valves were used.