Electronic control

LCD disply

Underwater LED lamp

Automatic disinfection program

Timer, time of massage setting

Hydro massage:

- rotating back jets

- rotating feet jets

- side jets with adjustable water direction

- shut down option of large jets

- independent adjustment of strength through air venturi system

- Turbo Loaded Massage Jets (additional airflow is diverted to the water system from the air blower)

- sensor protection against pump dry-running

- after use pipe drainage system

Air massage:

- air massage with variable speed blower

- air blower with built in temperature maintenance heater (300W)

- graduating air massage performance setting (B-MODE)

- after use air massage system drainage

- after use automatic warm air injection of air massage system for drying

- water level sensor

Additional features, at extra cost:

Chromotherapy multicoloured underwater lighting

Inline water heater with electronically adjustable water temperature and dry running protection

Adjustable electronic control of back, side and foot massage strength and graduating water massage perfomance setting (H-MODE)

Separate control for back hydro massage jets

Radio FM/MP3/USB

Remote control



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