Victory Spa Classic

Simplicity is part of the charm for some of them, for others, it’s the sensual line. Both hide the technology and style within to take you into a new dimension of relax. Victory Spa Classic combines passionate design and reliable technology. Our collection includes bathtubs made from the highest quality materials in a unique design. All come equipped with the most advanced appliances to meet the expectations of even the most demanding. Feel the all day’s hardship melt and drift away under the invigorating gushes of hydromassage. Discover how relaxing can a bath in our tubs be. Reinvigorate your body thanks to the wondrous effects of hydrotherapy. Victory Spa Classic – tubs you’ll love from the first bath. Victory Spa Classic – the classic dimension of hydrorelaxation.

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Tonga 180 x 115

To bathe with someone in this tub is pure unadulterated pleasure. Using the tried water massage...