Spa - Public version

- electronic control system

- water massage (2 pumps 1,1 kW)

- air massage (high-efficient air blower 1,3 kW)

- under water LED lamp 2 pcs

- filtration system:

- pump with the basket 1,5 kW

- sand filter F 1200 with the 6 functions valve

- overflow gutter with the covering grate

- balance tank 2000l

- heating system - standard:

- Jawa, Sumatra, Borneo - heat exchanger 44kW (38.000 Kcal)

- Orchid, Rose, Madagaskar, Mandura – heat exchanger 69 kW (60.000 Kcal)

- heating system - option without extra charge:

- inline electric water heater 9 kW

- water temperature setting on the programming panel

- hydromassage time setting as well as filtration setting on the programming panel.

After the filtration system has been switched on, the diode signaling that the use of the spa is forbidden lights up.

- automatic water refilling system

- automatic chemical dosing system Pahlen Autodoos M2

- programming of daily filtration, possibility to set 5 filtration profiles separately for each day of the week

- programming of weekly filtration, allows the method of filtration to be set separately for each day of the week

- chemical containers box (dimensions 1,0 by 0,5 by 0,6m)

- isolation spa cover preventing steam from escaping and preventing the cooling of the water in the spa

- entry support bars - assembled at clients’ place

- all appliances (except for the sand filter) are enclosed on a standard 100cm by 150cm tray

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