Spa - Private Version

Spa - Private Version

- electronic control system

- water massage (2 pumps 0,75 kW)

- graduating water massage performance through air flow

- air massage (2 air blowers 0,70kW)

- pulsating air massage

- air massage with variable speed of the blower

- under water LED lamp 2 pcs

- filtration system:

- pump with the basket 0,74 kW

- sand filter F 625 with the 6 functions valve to Jawa, Sumatra, Borneo

- sand filter F 710 with the 6 functions valve to Orchid, Rose, Madagskar, Mandura

- overflow gutter with a covering grate

- 1150 l balance tank

- heating system:

- inline electric water heater 9 kW

- heat exchanger 44 kW (38000 Kcal) or 69 kW (60.000 Kcal) – option

- water temperature setting on the programming panel; additional possibility to set the temperature during the bath on the steering panel

- hydro massage time setting on the control panel

- automatic water refilling system

- manual dosing of chemicals

- programming of daily filtration, possibility to set 5 filtration profiles separately for each day of the week

- programming of weekly filtration, allows the method of filtration to be set separately for each day of the week

- isolation spa covering preventing steam from escaping and preventing the cooling of the water in the spa

- entry support bars - assembled at client’s place

- all appliances are enclosed on a standard 100cm x 150cm tray

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