We are pleased to present you the latest edition for model with overflow grate Portable Spa ROSE / 275x235 /. Spa was produced on special order from India. The white color of the spa, cover and composite panel gives a very modern character. Spa have been produced in system DELUXE with many extra options like: interactive communication by SMS, Stairs and overflow LED RGB lightening, CD/FM stereo. The amount of places: 6 ( including 1 body form lounger). Thank you very much for your confidence and we wish many impressions while using Victory Spa bath!

 Rose biala



Victory Spa, is a leader in the exclusive whirlpools production and pioneer the Wellness and healthy lifestyle idea in Europe. Equipment marked with Victory Spa brand perfectly combines usability with sublime and inspiring design. Range of our products include: whirlpools, bathtubs, massage and steam cabins, massage panels, Portable Spa and Spas.

Victory Spa brand products are made to individual order by qualified and experienced specialists in the sanitary industry, they achieve the highest requiments of each customer and guarantee full satisfaction from the product use. As a proof of the suoperior performance each product has a certificate with the stamp and signature quality controller.

Our offer of 93 different models in various sizes responds perfectly to the needs of all type of the Customers: either luxury goods seekers, premium purchasers, or those interested in economy goods and trade markets. Our mission is to provide customers innovative solution for hydrorelax
We are well recognized as high quality products manufacturer thanks to our thirty years of branch experience and European Union based production. The unique advantage is also own production of the whole components and accessories, which gives us ability to design the most efficient hydromassage system. Hydromassage effectiveness depends largely on the efficiency of water stream flowing through the whole system. A correct hydromassage does not consist in a pressurized system, but in free and as large as possible flow of water in the system: suctions, water pumps, piping and jets. We managed to achieve this by integrated system of water pumps, rotational massage jets and non-industry standard 50 mm diameter piping. Appropriate selection and location of hydromassage jets are also crucial for proper hydrotherapy and relaxation. Hydromassage is our passion.